Trip or Slip Claim

If you have been involved in a tripping or slipping claim you may be entitled to compensation. Common examples involve a client slipping on a wet or slippery surface or tripping on the footpath or debris at a building site. By law, some homes, Shopping Centres, restaurants and any establishment where you are a lawful visitor will owe you a legal duty to ensure your safety. If you sustain an injury due to something they have done (or failed to do i.e. mop a spillage on the floor) you may be entitled to a claim.

Quite often the last thought which will go through a client’s mind immediately after a fall is to contact their Solicitor. It can therefore be helpful to know these useful pointers if you have the misfortune to have been involved in a slipping accident:

  1. If possible, please take photographs on your phone of the area in which you fell
  2. If medical assistance is required, attended Hospital without delay
  3. If you are requested to complete an Accident Report state what happened in your own words and do not sign another person’s version of events (we have had experience of this happening with clients)
  4. Contact our 24/7 Personal Injury Solicitor for an immediate call back.