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If you have been involved in an accident at work you may be entitled to claim against your employer. You can even claim if you were partly responsible e.g. you fell from scaffolding but your employer had not provided reasonable training or safety equipment.

If you are to be awarded compensation you have to prove:

  1. That your employer owed you a duty of care – put simply your employer must make sure you work in safe working conditions
  2. That your employer breached their duty of care – this means that your employer did not take appropriate steps to ensure your safety e.g. not providing suitable work equipment or training or if you slipped or tripped on a slippery surface.
  3. That you suffered a loss – “loss” is a general term for any suffering caused by the accident at work. E.g. if you sustained an injury – this is not restricted to physical injury but includes any trauma or psychological injury.

There is normally a 3 year time limit on personal injury claims with a few exceptions. You should always contact our expert solicitors ASAP to progress your claim as delay can often weaken your prospects of success. order neurontin over the counter

If my injury is not too bad should I still claim?

Clients often ask us this question.
They are often pleasantly surprised by how much compensation we manage to secure for them. Compensation is not limited to just the injury, you can recover Loss of Earnings and the cost of private rehabilitation. prescription drug neurontin 600 mg

What do I have to do start a claim?

The process is very simple.

You just follow these steps below:-

  1. buy gabapentin 600 mg Our personal injury experts will be able to advise you almost straight away if you have a good claim or not. This initial consultation is free.
  2. We will then send a letter to your employer  or their insurance company to allow them to start investigating whose fault it is. This is called the liability investigation and can last for weeks right up until a year or more depending on each individual case. The Employer and their insurance company often try to obtain witness statements and CCTV as part of this process. We will keep you updated throughout.
  3. We will then obtain Medical Reports from specialised retained consultants who we will select depending on the nature of your injuries.
  4. At the end of the liability investigation the employer or insurance company will either accept liability (say it is their fault) or deny liability (say they were not to blame). If they accept liability, we send the medical reports and negotiate the best offer in settlement for you. If they deny liability we will contact you and advise as to whether you should sue the employer and insurance company. This depends on the strength of your claim and if the claim is likely to succeed.
  5. How much is my accident worth in compensation? This is a difficult question and it is very hard to provide an approximate figure without first taking further details. buy neurontin no prescription we will call you and provide an opinion on the strength of your claim by telephone within 7 days free of charge. Most claims get settled out of Court and we ensure that you have minimal stress whilst keeping you fully updated with all progress.
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