NIHE Cavity Wall and Mould Housing Executive Claims

Are you a tenant within a Housing Executive Property?

Does your house suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • Damp and Mould
  • Hard to heat
  • Mould along the Gable wall
  • Mould spreading and damaging items of household furniture e.g. bedding, wallpaper or wardrobes
  • Have you reported these to the Housing Executive and been told it is condensation or lack of ventilation?

If these problems are an all too distressing reality, you may be entitled to claim against the Housing Executive. Contact us today.

We are the leading Cavity Wall Claims solicitors in Northern Ireland and have had success in obtaining compensation for clients in cases against the Housing Executive. We are the industry leading firm of experts and have experience in securing £1,000s of pounds for clients for the cost of household items destroyed over the years by mould as well as excessive heating costs because of defective cavity wall insulation. We can also ask the Court for an order that the Housing Executive undertake repairs to your insulation meaning your home is warmer and likely cheaper to heat.

In certain cases damp or mould is caused by poorly insulated cavity walls leaving your home very hard to heat. We at RP Crawford & Co. engage an expert to conduct expert studies on your cavity wall to tell you whether or not you have a claim. Cavity Wall Claims solicitor Liam McDonald will be available to advise in relation to all aspects of your claim.

The Housing Executive have recognised that poor cavity wall insulation is a problem which affects a large percentage of their housing stocks across Northern Ireland. Your house may be one of them.

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