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Ms Hassan is one of the most experienced and leading Immigration and Asylum Solicitors in Northern Ireland. She has years of experience representing both companies and private individuals.

Private Immigration Law – If you require advice on any of the following areas order neurontin over the counter

  • Residence Card
  • EEA Application
  • Family Reunion
  • Leave to Remain
  • Citizenship or Naturalisation
  • Asylum and Humanitarian Protection
  • Immigration Bail & Immigration Appeal

Business Immigration Law

If you are a Company or Business seeking to apply for a licence to bring skilled Tier 2 workers overseas to the UK from their country of origin. Bernadette provides assured advice from applying for a Certificate of Sponsorship, to applying for Tier 2 Visas for workers. We at RP Crawford & Co. appreciate how confusing the entire process can be and once the Visas are in place we can provide ongoing assistance to clerical officers as they seek to obtain Home Office compliance. prescription drug neurontin 600 mg
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