Clinical Negligence and Medical Claims

Throughout our lives we will all have need to attend with our GP, an NHS Hospital or private Hospital. Whilst most of us attend with the Doctor to receive treatment for poor health or injury, unfortunately sometimes Doctors get it wrong and are negligent in their treatment. We act for clients in cases where medical and clinical doctors including nurses have been negligent. Put simply, this means that their act or their omission (failure to act) has caused you a loss or injury. Common cases include misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, birth injuries, hernia or vaginal mesh claims, Cerebral Palsy and Cauda Equina.

We have a full appreciation as to the sensitivities and emotions discussing these issues can bring. We have found that meeting with clients in a Court or office setting can sometimes make an incredibly difficult process even more trying. We therefore offer home appointments by arrangement at weekends and on your terms.

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Vaginal or Hernia Mesh Claims

Vaginal Mesh Implants or Hernia Mesh Implants have been routinely used by the NHS as a means of treating incontinence, prolapse or hernias.

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Childbirth Claims

Pregnancy is a joyous time for all couples. however, few like to face the reality that childbirth can often be painful and, in some occasions, bring its own Childbirth Complications.

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Misdiagnosis or failure to treat

A Hospital or Doctor is negligent if they fail to examine, correctly diagnose, and treat an ill or injured patient. Conditions do not have to be very serious to entitle you to compensation.

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