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Pregnancy is a joyous time for all couples. however, few like to face the reality that childbirth can often be painful and, in some occasions, result in Childbirth Complications. Unfortunately, during pregnancy, Mum and Child Injury is quite common. We have experience in dealing with all aspects of these claims. Examples include the following;

  • Cerebral Palsy is amongst the most common cause of physical disabilities and it affects 1 in every 500 children. There are approximately 60 children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in Northern Ireland each year. order neurontin over the counter
  • Forceps Claims. Where Mum sustained internal injury or Baby sustained injury – scarring at the lowest level to Cerebral Palsy at the most serious. order neurontin over the counter
  • Childbirth Tears. If you or your partner have suffered Perineal Trauma during childbirth, it is important that you seek clear and professional legal advice. We appreciate that these injuries often cause Mothers serious physical and psychological trauma which is why we deal with matters on an entirely empathetic and personal level. We appreciate that many Women may be reluctant to come forward and speak to any professional. We offer home visits to make sure that first contact is less daunting and an expert Childbirth Perineal Trauma Lawyer will contact you to arrange for a free initial consultation – initially by telephone and then by home visit or in our office. If you wish to arrange a free confidential consultation buy gabapentin 600 mg
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Free Confidential Consultation

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