Accident at work and Personal Injury Claims

It is likely that you or someone you know has been involved in an accident which has caused  personal injury. If the accident was someone else’s fault this is called negligence. We have over 40 years’ experience in representing clients in this area of law securing £100,000’s of pounds in compensation for clients. There are a variety of different types of personal injury claim and we have specialised solicitors who can help you in each area.

Our approach to personal injury claims is that we aim to put the client back on the road to recovery. We appreciate that quite often speaking about accidents can re-traumatise clients and that the idea of travelling to a solicitor’s office can be daunting. We offer home visits across Northern Ireland. Please complete our online enquiry form to arrange an appointment.

In Northern Ireland it is illegal to offer “No Win No Fee” legal advice, however, in certain cases we can offer free representation if you qualify for legal aid. Please contact our Personal Injury solicitor to discuss any aspect of a claim.

Please follow our Claim Tab below and find the appropriate solicitor for your case.

Accident at Work

If you have been involved in an accident at work you may be entitled to claim against your employer. You can even claim if you were partly responsible e.g. you fell from scaffolding but your employer had not provided reasonable training or safety equipment.

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Road Traffic Collisions

If you have been involved in a Road Traffic Collision it is vital that you receive independent expert legal advice without delay. If you have been involved in a Car Accident and are at the Roadside we recommend you do the following.

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Trip or Slip Claims

If you have been involved in a tripping or slipping claim you may be entitled to compensation. Common examples involve a client slipping on a wet or slippery surface or tripping on a flagstone or debris at a building site.

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