Our client successfully recovers £22,727 in compensation from a third-party insurer for vehicle damage, storage and hire costs. The plaintiff, represented by Gemma McCashin and Liam McDonald were delighted with the outcome and the stress-free approach of having a single point of contact for everything from their replacement vehicle, to recovering the damaged vehicle to storage.

Case Summary:

Plaintiff: John Floyd (name changed for confidentiality purposes)


John’s vehicle was being driven by a friend when it was involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver insured by a third-party insurance company. The accident resulted in significant damage to John’s vehicle, rendering it unusable for a month. He used the vehicle for his day to day and therefore needed a replacement vehicle. In circumstances where you are not at fault you are entitled to a like for like hire vehicle, some exceptions so apply and we can advise you on this.

Our Approach

  1. Within 6 hours of notification we had taken our client’s instructions, done an online insurance check, notified the third party insurer, arranged to have the damaged vehicle uplifted and assessed, provided the client with a Mercedes C220 courtesy of AH Assist Ltd.
  2. Thorough Documentation and Evidence Collection: We worked closely with John to gather all necessary documentation related to the accident, including photographs of the damaged vehicle, accident reports, and receipts for hire costs. These documents serve as crucial evidence in substantiating the extent of the damage and the financial losses incurred.
  3. Expert Assessment of Vehicle Damage: Recognising the importance of an accurate assessment of vehicle damage, at the very outset we instruct automotive assessors to evaluate John’s vehicle thoroughly to ensure there is no hidden damage. The assessors provided a detailed report highlighting the repairs required, the estimated costs, and any diminished value resulting from the accident. This expert assessment strengthened John’s claim.
  4. Negotiation with the Third-Party Insurer: We set out all proofs in a timely manner including the cost of repairs, loss of use, and alternative transportation expenses.



Through effective negotiation skills, we achieved a successful outcome for John. The third-party insurer acknowledged their client’s fault and recognised the defendant’s liability in causing the accident. As a result, John was delighted to receive compensation in the amount of £22,727, covering the full cost of vehicle repairs and the expenses incurred for hire services during the vehicle’s repair period.


This case study exemplifies the importance of early legal representation when seeking compensation for damages and losses in personal injury claims. We always recommend client’s take photos and call us at the roadside or contact Liam on email at The compensation recovery of £22,727 from the third-party insurer not only restored John’s financial losses but also underscored the importance of holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.