Living with dampness and mould within your home can create a health hazard for all occupants within the property but can be more hazardous for those with underlying health conditions. Damp and mould create very unpleasant living conditions and the health risks associated with it include respiratory problems as well as asthma and skin allergies.


What are damp and mould?

Damp is caused by excess moisture making its way inside a property from the outside or poor condensation. Damp conditions cause the development of black mould which grows and develops, damaging walls, bed linen, curtains and other home furnishings etc. It is commonly found in bedrooms and bathrooms of properties with defective cavity wall insulation although it can also be found in kitchens and living rooms.


Health issues caused by damp

Damp and mould environments can cause severe respiratory problems. There are a variety of illnesses associated with respiratory injury including chronic bronchitis, occupational asthma, aggravation of pre-existing asthma or chronic obstructive airways diseases.

Damp and mould can also be associated with more frequent asthma attacks. Skin conditions are also a common health hazard associated with damp and mould with the appearance of skin rashes and allergic reactions.

Sadly, those already suffering from respiratory disorders, allergies and asthma or have weakened immune systems tend to be more at risk of developing further health problems, particularly young babies, children and the elderly. Living in a damp, mould environment is hazardous to health.


Damp and mental health

Living with damp and mould doesn’t just exacerbate asthma, respiratory conditions and skin allergies, it can, according to Mental Health charity Mind, make mental health worse. Living in grim conditions is unlikely to help anyone already experiencing mental health issues.


NIHE tenants living with damp and mould

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