Did your medical professional fail to treat your illness or condition? Failure to treat a medical condition or illness is a form of medical malpractice that can lead to devastating consequences for patients and their families. Failure to diagnose an illness or misdiagnose can result in delayed treatment, or no treatment. If a medical professional fails to treat an illness, disease or condition due to not providing the correct standard of care, such malpractice can cause extended periods of suffering and pain and impact quality of life for the patient concerned. Medical professionals can be held accountable for their negligence and in many cases; compensation can be secured for victims of medical malpractice, i.e. failure to treat claims.

How Do Failure To Treat Claims Arise?

All medical professionals have a duty of care to identify serious conditions so that treatment can be planned and undertaken. Unfortunately, failure to identify medical conditions can lead to increased health risks and compilations. The impact of this can be life changing for many. If failure to treat a medical condition occurs as a result of negligence, patients may be entitled to receive compensation.

What Leads To Failure To Treat An Illness, Disease Or Condition?

Medical negligence can be attributed to any medical practitioner including doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, opticians etc. There are numerous reasons as to why a medical professional may fail to treat a medical condition, illness or disease. One of the most common reasons for failure to treat to occur is that the medical professional simply did not know the condition, illness or disease existed.

Circumstances Surrounding Failure To Treat Claims

Medical negligence and failure to treat claims can occur in a wide range of circumstances. Areas of negligence we have experience of include:

  • Medical professionals failing to identify an illness
  • Medical professional failing to respond to patient symptoms or complaints
  • Failure of a medical professional to examination patient
  • Failure of a medical professional to arrange further medical tests
  • Medical professionals providing below standard medical care
  • Medical professionals failing to refer patients for specialist consultations
  • Mistakes by medical professionals in handling patient records or test results
  • Medical professionals prescribing incorrect treatment, medication or surgery

Medical Negligence Solicitors

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