RT Road Traffic Accident

 RP Crawford & Co. Solicitors, recently acted on behalf of a personal injury client RT who was a seatbelted front seat passenger in road traffic accident.

This client sustained whiplash type injuries and the insurance company offered her £3,000 in settlement accepting that their driver was at fault. Often Insurance Companies will make “pre-medical offers” where they will look to finish a case quickly before you are able to obtain legal advice and gather medical evidence to properly quantify how much your case may be worth.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation 

We advised the client to reject this offer and an increased offer of £6500 was made pre-proceedings. We advised the client that they should sue the insurer as the compensation offered was inadequate. After issuing proceedings an improved offer of £9000 was made and our client was delight to accept this improved offer.

Often insurance companies will accept fault but they will make an offer in settlement which is inadequate for the loss and injury you have sustained. Often proceedings are issued and the insurance companies are sued on a “quantum only” basis where there is a general acceptance that one party is to blame but there is disagreement as to how much compensation they are entitled to for their injuries. You should always take early legal advice to ensure you have the appropriate medical evidence to realise the full value of any compensation claim.

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