Read our latest Road Traffic Accident Compensation Case Study. RP Crawford & Co recently acted on behalf of a personal injury client, JK, in a successful settlement in which JK was awarded £10,533.00 in respect of their personal injuries.


Our client was driving a vehicle when the at fault driver crashed into the car in front of them which then shunted our client’s vehicle. The at fault insurance company accepted fault and offered a settlement figure of £3000 as they contested that this was a low impact collision, this offer which was rejected.


We gave advices and the client chose to obtain medical evidence in the form of a Emergency Medicine Report and also a Psychiatrist report. Further offers of £6000 and then £7000 were rejected and the case ultimately settled for £10,533.00. Whilst the damage was minimal to our client’s vehicle was also paid separately allowing him to make repairs.


Whiplash type injuries and soft tissue injuries can greatly vary in severity. It is important that you obtain the best medical evidence to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries. For a free consultation concerning road traffic accident compensation or personal injury claims please complete our enquiry form or call us on 028 9038 1024.