Children Law & Issues Concerning Child Arrangement Orders

Child dispute cases are extremely sensitive and at RP Crawford & Co Solicitors, our experienced family law solicitors are committed to achieving the best result for you and your children. We can provide guidance and assistance to you during these difficult and stressful times, whilst ensuring the child’s best interests are a priority during all proceedings.

We are experienced at providing advice and representation to family members on issues including contact cases, child neglect cases, cases involving the Trust or Social Workers and emergency protection cases.

We understand the stress and trauma associated with family law cases and we strive to reach the best possible outcome for you and your family, ensuring a solution is reached.


How a Solicitor can Assist in Child Dispute Cases

Experienced Children Law Solicitor Liam McDonald from RP Crawford & Co can provide impartial advice concerning dispute cases between parents and children. Liam can provide legal advice on areas such as whom the child/children will reside with, visiting arrangements and how to reach an agreement which prioritises the child/children’s needs.

When disputes involve children, we will always encourage the parents of the child to reach an amicable agreement where possible, whether that be aided through family mediation or other professional support services.


Children Law & Court Orders

Unfortunately there are circumstances where the court cannot be avoided when parents are unable to agree on what is best for their child/children. Cases such as this include situations where a child’s welfare is at risk, child neglect or disputes between parents over issues such as who they live with or have contact with. In these complex cases, a court order will be imposed by a Judge.

If a court application is required, we can provide ongoing guidance and support during this process, representing your best interest and ensuring the best outcome for you and your child/children.


Contact our Children Law Solicitor

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