What is a Defective Equipment Injury Claim?

Defective equipment injury claims usually occur when an employee is injured on a defective, faulty or broken piece of equipment, machinery, apparatus or tool. This can occur due to lack of regular maintenance or inspection by the employer. Defective equipment can often result in very serious, life threatening injuries with long-term effects.


Have You Been Injured in the Workplace? 

Are you an employee injured in the workplace because of defective equipment? Our latest blog addresses injuries in the workplace that occur when employees are supplied with faulty equipment.


Employers’ Duty to Provide Adequate Equipment

An employer is under duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who may be affected by their business. This duty of care is required so employees are not exposed to unnecessary risk.

Employers are legally obliged to ensure that all equipment and machinery supplied to employees is in a safe working order and operating correctly as well as suitable for the job.

From an employee’s perspective, it is not unreasonable to expect that equipment or machinery provided to you by your employer to undertake the duties of your job is categorically safe, maintained and suitable for the job.


Examples of Defective Equipment in the Workplace:

  • Temporary repairs to machinery which makes them unsafe
  • Broken equipment or machinery
  • Machines which do not have guards to protect hands / fingers
  • Bladed tools and power tools (power saws, nail guns etc) which can cause injuries
  • Ladders and scaffolding in danger of collapsing

What Is The Time Frame For Making Defective Equipment Injury Claims? 

If you have been injured in the workplace because of defective equipment or machinery, generally the time limit in which you have to make a compensation claim is three years.


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