Prepare for winter driving to ensure you stay safe on the roads. Unfortunately the number of road traffic accidents increases significantly during winter as days become shorter and weather worsens.

During the winter, we need to take extra care while on the road with factors including ice, sleet, snow, fog and heavy rain presenting challenging driving conditions.

Such conditions can increase the risk of road traffic accidents and collisions and it is important to take precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and others whilst on the road. Read our useful tips to ensure greater safety this winter.

Winter Driving Tips


  • Be Prepared
    • Be prepared for adverse weather conditions and avoid driving in dangerous conditions.
    • Prepare your car and ensure it is well maintained for winter driving with an up to date MOT.
    • Be aware that pedestrians and cyclists are often more difficult to spot in adverse weather.


  • Reduce Speed and Be Cautious
    • Allow for extra time for journeys, particularly in wet or icy conditions and reduce speed.
    • Allow for extra space between vehicles in ice, snow or wet roads.


  • Tyres
    • It is essential you have good tread on all tyres on your vehicle. A tread depth of at least 3mm is recommended.
    • Frequently check tyres for damage and ensure to check tyre pressure.


  • Visibility
    • Winter weather can make for poor visibility. Ensure all external car lights are in good working order and kept clean.
    • Number plates must also be clean and visible.
    • For foggy conditions, turn on fog lights but ensure to turn them off when fog clears to avoid dazzling other road users.
    • Frequently check and replace windscreen wiper blades as necessary.
    • Check screen-wash and ensure the concentration is suitable for colder conditions.


  • Emergency Kit

Should you be unfortunate enough to break down during the winter, it is important to carry an emergency kit in your car should you or your passengers require it. Items to include are:

  • Emergency food and water
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Warm clothes and blanket
  • Ice scraper, de-icer and shovel
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Portable mobile phone charger
  • First aid kit


Car Accident Claims

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