Are You a Tenant in a Damp NIHE Property?

Living in a property that suffers from excessive damp and mould problems can have a severe impact on you and your family. Not only does it provide horrific conditions to live in, it can cause serious health issues, as well as exacerbate pre-existing conditions including respiratory diseases such as asthma.

In Northern Ireland, there is a staggering number of damp NIHE properties which are also plagued by mould and condensation problems stemming from defective cavity walls. These properties generally house tenants who face a winter of worry with the need for excessive heating to attempt to keep homes as warm as possible in mould infested environments.


Leading Defective Cavity Wall Claims Solicitor

Our leading expert cavity wall claims solicitor, Liam McDonald, has extensive experience dealing with defective cavity wall claims for NIHE tenants across Northern Ireland. Liam can advise on the compensation you may be entitled to for damp and black mould damage to home furnishings inclusive curtains, blinds and bed linen as well as finishes and furniture that has been destroyed. He can also advise on compensation for excessive heating costs, a key indicator of a damp, cold property suffering from defective cavity wall insulation.


How is a Damp NIHE Property Assessed?

When you contact us, we will engage an expert to conduct an investigation on the cavity wall of your rented property. This study will determine whether you are entitled to claim. If the investigation confirms defective insulation, we can advise on aspects of the claim process and order the Housing Executive to undertake repairs to the insulation as well as compensation for damage to household items. If your health has been compromised by living in such conditions, we will further advice on a possible personal injury claim.

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