When involved in a car accident, passengers are just as much at risk of being injured as the driver is. However, as a passenger, it is extremely unlikely that you would ever be found to be anything other than an innocent party and therefore able to make a personal injury claim for injuries suffered during a road traffic accident.

Legally, the driver of a vehicle has an obligation to drive with care and safety to prevent risk of injury. This is referred to as ‘Duty of Care’ and applies to anyone operating any form of transportation, whether that be a car, motorbike, bus, boat etc.

If you are a passenger and injured in a car accident, you are legally entitled to make a claim for compensation against the driver’s insurance provider. In addition to this, a claim can also be made against the insurance provider of the other vehicle if it is believed that they were at fault. Therefore you may be able to sue both the driver of the car you were travelling in and the driver of the other car, depending on the circumstances of the incident.


What happens if a family member or friend was the driver?

It is understandable that you may be concerned or apprehensive about claiming against the driver of the car you were travelling in, particularly if they happen to be a family member or friend. However it is important to understand that the costs for paying your compensation will not come directly from them. Their insurance company will be paying you for any compensation you are owed. The person you are claiming against may find that their insurance will be impacted perhaps through facing higher insurance costs or losing no claims bonus.


Injuries suffered by passengers in road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents can result in a wide range of injures inclusive of physical, emotional or financial. Injuries suffered by passengers can vary from whiplash and bruising to broken bones and head or spinal injuries. Sadly, some road accidents can lead to fatalities.

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