RP Crawford & Co. Solicitor, Liam McDonald, recently acted on behalf of a Personal Injury client, SR, in a successful settlement in which BD was awarded £30,000.00.

Our client was a pedestrian when a vehicle driven by the at fault driver mounted the footpath and collided into them. Thankfully the client sustained no broken bones but they did sustain nasty whiplash and soft tissue injuries to their body. We organised for physiotherapy and obtained various reports from consultant surgeons. The defence accepted fault and made an offer of £7500 which was rejected. Further medical evidence was obtained to ensure that the available medical evidence would allow us to negotiate the best possible settlement for our client.

Ultimately after negotiation an offer of £30,000 was accepted on behalf of our client which also covered his various attendances with physiotherapists and consultant surgeons.

Whiplash type injuries and soft tissue injuries can greatly vary in severity. It is important that you obtain the best medical evidence to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries. For a free consultation please complete our enquiry form or call us on 028 9038 1024.