We are the leading Cavity Wall claims solicitor in Northern Ireland for tenants living in damp, mould and hard to heat NIHE properties. We have successfully obtained compensation for many NIHE tenants and continue to investigate cases whereby tenants are subjected to miserable, damp living conditions.

We are aware that many NIHE properties have cavity wall insulation installations that are non-compliant with industry standards.

Unfortunately damp and mould is a serious problem for NIHE tenants across Northern Ireland and the underlying cause can frequently be associated with defective Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI).

While each case is investigated on an individual bases, there are many obvious signs of defective cavity wall insulation.


Checklist: Is My Home At Risk Of Damp Problems?

Damp and mould can occur in properties as a result of defective cavity wall insulation. Defective CWI can result in isolated localised patches of damp and mould on internal walls or spread across numerous areas within a property. Damp symptoms that you need to look for are as follows:


  • Damp internal walls
  • Damp and / or deteriorating external façade
  • Internal condensation
  • Problems retaining heat within the property
  • Excessive heating costs
  • Watermarks appearing on walls, windows or ceilings
  • Damage to the internal décor of the property
  • Home furnishings damaged due to black mould e.g. bedding, curtains, clothing
  • Black mould growth on internal walls
  • Ongoing cleaning and repainting of walls due to mould and dampness
  • Damaged plaster showing signs of wear and tear when affected by damp
  • External damaged brickwork
  • Moss growth on the outer walls of the building


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If you are a tenant in a Northern Ireland Housing Executive property that has signs of defective cavity wall insulation, please contact our specialist team of solicitors. Following initial consultation, a full investigation and inspection of the property will be carried out complete with loss assessment.

Our leading cavity walls solicitors have won many cases including a recent settlement of almost £6,000 in compensation for a tenant who’s case was contested by the NIHE and ultimately settled in court.

If you are a NIHE tenant in a damp, mould, cold property, please contact us on on 028 9038 1024, email enquiries@rpcrawfordsolicitors.com or complete our online confidential enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch with you.