What is Medical Negligence?

If we fall ill, we rely on medical professionals to diagnosis and treat poor health or injury. Whilst most medical and nursing treatment is of an extremely high standard by dedicated health professionals, unfortunately for varying reasons there are occasions when mistakes or errors happen; this can be whilst attending a GP, NHS Hospital or private hospital.

Health professionals can make mistakes and fail in their duty of care towards their patients. When this happens, we refer to it as sub-standard medical care, medical negligence or clinical negligence. It involves a breach of duty by a healthcare professional, which sadly leads to the avoidable harm of a patient. This breach of trust can result in not only physical suffering but can also impact a patients mental health, consequently impacting a patient’s quality of life.

Medical or clinical negligence encompasses serious injury or suffering following negligent medical care or medical misdiagnosis. This can have devastating effects on a patient’s life, and in some cases result in life changing injuries or have fatal consequences.

When does Medical Negligence Occur?

There are numerous ways in which medical negligence can occur. This includes:

  • A patient receiving a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Suffering surgical mistakes
  • Receiving incorrect treatment

Types of medical negligence include birth injuries such as Cerebral Palsy, surgical errors, spinal injuries, faulty products, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, dental and cosmetic errors or failure to treat.

If you have been left with injuries or a condition made worse due to clinical treatment, you may have suffered from medical negligence and therefore may be entitled to claim compensation.

We understand that is can be an extremely traumatic and distressing time for you and your family, however, our medical negligence solicitors are compassionate and understanding and can talk you through the entire process surrounding a clinical negligence claim.

Are You Eligible To Make A Claim?

In Northern Ireland there is usually a 3 year time limit on compensation claims starting from the date of your incident or alternatively from the date of knowledge which is a legal argument to be made. However, no two medical negligence cases are exactly the same and therefore it is vital you seek legal advice from an expert medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible. Our team of expert medical negligence solicitors at RP Crawford & Co will guide you through the process of making a claim.

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