We are one of Northern Ireland’s leading family law solicitors specialising in separation and divorce, inclusive of complex and sensitive matters.

When faced with the breakdown of a marriage, it is imperative you choose a divorce lawyer you feel comfortable working with and who is committed to getting you through your divorce or separation in a caring and supportive way, whilst finding the best possible way forward.

Divorce Law and Separation Advice from a Leading Family Law Practice

At RP Crawford & Company, our experienced family law and divorce solicitors are renowned for providing a professional and supportive approach during a very stressful and confusing time. We have assisted clients throughout Northern Ireland with every step of the way right up until the Divorce Hearing.

Following the decision to separate, we advise you to seek legal advice at the earliest stage. This is vitally important as often the early stages of proceedings can affect the eventual outcome.

Five Grounds for Divorce in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, divorce proceedings are dealt with in the County Court for Northern Ireland or the High Court for Northern Ireland. There are five grounds for divorce and proceedings are to be made on 1 of 5 grounds:

  1. Two years’ separation (when you are living apart and the other spouse consents to the divorce)
  2. Five year’s separation (when you are living apart and the other spouse does not give their consent)
  3. Unreasonable behaviour
  4. Adultery
  5. Desertion

Why Choose RP Crawford & Co Solicitors?

At RP Crawford & Co Solicitors, a highly experienced legal team whom you can trust and confide in will support you throughout this uncertain time. We will keep you informed and work proactively to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for you and your family, ensuring that you are prepared for each stage of the divorce process.

In addition, we have many years experience representing the person taking divorce proceedings and the person who is served with proceedings.

Cost Effective, Transparent Family Solicitors

We are also positioned to provide legal advice for divorce and financial settlement, otherwise referred to as “Ancillary Relief”. When you choose RP Crawford & Co Solicitors, we guarantee that our legal advice is cost-effective and transparent with no hidden costs.

For initial legal advice or to arrange a consultation with our specialist divorce solicitors, please call us on 028 9238 1024, email enquiries@rpcrawfordsolicitors.com or contact us via our online form.