Our Liam McDonald this week concluded a recent employer liability/accident at work claim which resulted in a successful settlement of £40,000.00.

Slip at Work

Our client was a kitchen porter in a restaurant and whilst carrying out his cleaning duties he had to carry a large container of boiling water to a designated cleaning area. During the course of his shift our client slipped while carrying the container, spilling the contents, which caused them to sustain burns.

Medical Evidence

We obtained medical evidence from a Consultant Plastic Surgeon to comment on the burns as well as a Consultant Psychiatrist to comment on the adverse effect the incident had on our client’s mental health and his ability to fully re-engage in this type of work. The client had very little time off work.

Despite these reports the defence insurer would not accept fault and would not consider entering into settlement discussions. We then issued proceedings in the High Court and we also “discovery requests” forcing the restaurant to provide specific documentation. Having reviewed the documentation we noted that the absence of any record of our client’s training and induction illustrated poor Health and Safety and management of risks on the restaurants behalf, on that basis we entered into settlement discussions.

Successful Settlement

An initial offer of £25,000.00 was declined. Following further discussions the case eventually settled for £40,000.00 plus our client’s medical expenses and legal costs. All of which was paid by the defence insurer.

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