RP Crawford & Co. Solicitor, Liam McDonald, recently acted on behalf of a personal injury client, AC, in a successful settlement in which AC was awarded £250,000.00.

The case involved a tripping incident in which AC sustained a serious arm fracture* at a building site after falling over debris. Our client was not an employee but was a visitor on site and was therefore able to claim against the builder’s insurance company.

Thankfully AC contacted RP Crawford & Co. at the very outset of the claim process which meant that we were able to engage and instruct our preferred medical experts who provided reports commenting on the severity of the injury and also provided a prognosis regarding our client’s recovery. The client had very little time off work and had no actual loss of earnings as a result of the accident however our instructed experts opined in their reports that the injury would likely affect AC’s ability to progress within their chosen career field. Following on from this report we instructed an Expert Forensic accountant to provide a report commenting on our client’s hypothetical loss of earnings if they would now be unable to secure a promotion because of the injury sustained.

Our client was thankfully able to return to work shortly after the incident but general daily tasks i.e. lifting shopping bags or cooking proved more difficult than before and they had to rely on assistance from their family. We decided to engage an expert Occupational Therapist who commissioned a “Care Report” commenting on the daily care needs our client would require and providing a financial estimation as to the cost of this.

With these reports we were able to enter into negotiations with the Defence.  Initial offers of £100,000 in settlement were rejected and we were delighted to ultimately secure our client £250,000.00.

If you have been involved in a tripping claim* on a public road/footpath or on private property please contact Liam at RP Crawford & Co Solicitors for a free telephone consultation on 028 9038 1024 or alternatively complete our online enquiry form.