DH awarded £5,985 after suffering for years and years with damp, cold and mould in her NIHE Housing Executive property.

Problems Experienced

DH spoke with RP Crawford & Co Solicitor Liam McDonald and the main problems experienced were:-

  • Cold, damp and mould as well as problems with the house retaining heat once the heating was switched off;
  • Clothing, curtains and bedding was often damaged and had to be destroyed due to black mould;
  • Constantly bleaching, cleaning and repainting the walls due to dampness and mould;
  • Replacing damaged clothing and paying excessive heating costs over the years;

DH had given up hope by the time she contacted us. She had been complaining about the poor living conditions to her local NIHE housing maintenance department over the years and was advised that the issues were due to condensation often caused by drying clothes inside the property. She felt her complaints were falling on deaf ears.

The Problem

As the leading Cavity Wall Claim Solicitors* In Northern Ireland we are all too familiar with these complaints. We have successfully argued against the NIHE that the Cavity Wall Insulation within their properties were installed negligently and that as a result the tenants, like DH, are subjected to cold and damp living conditions as well as mould and damage to their property.

We instructed an Expert Surveyor who carried out an inspection of the internal cavity wall and found patches of wet insulation, mortar or rubble within the cavity and even  large voids where there was no insulation present. This leads to significant issues with a home retaining heat and in DHs case she often wore multiple layers and slept with an electric heater on during winter.

As the Housing Executive are DHs Landlord we successfully argued that the Cavity Wall insulation was negligently installed and the NIHE have a legal obligation to repair this. In order to compel the NIHE to repair the cavity wall we applied for an injunction on GMs behalf.

Compensation for Damaged Property

DH reported to Liam that she had to spend excessive amounts of money to adequately heat her property and that she spent a lot of money on buying replacement bedding and clothes which had to be thrown out as a result of the mould damage. Liam instructed an Expert Loss Assessor who compiled a report setting out the cost of replacing the items.


This case was contested by the NIHE and ultimately the Court found in our favour awarding our client £5,985.00 in compensation.

If you are a tenant within a cold, damp and mouldy housing executive property and are experiencing similar issues, asthma, coughs or eczema please contact Liam McDonald on 028 9038 1024 for a free telephone consultation or alternatively complete our online enquiry form.