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If you have been involved in a Road Traffic Collision it is vital that you receive independent expert legal advice without delay. If you have been involved in a Car Accident and are at the Roadside we recommend you do the following:

  1. Ensure that you and all passengers are okay before checking on the occupants of the other vehicle.
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  3. Take photographs of the vehicles as they were at the time of impact before moving the vehicles.

If the accident was not your fault we offer a complete service. We can arrange:

  1. Roadside recovery
  2. A garage for storage until your vehicle can be repaired or replaced
  3. A hire car (the costs of which will be paid by the at fault driver’s insurance company)
  4. Rehabilitation and medical care
  5. Compensation for your injuries
  6. Recovery of a loss of earnings or items of worth within the vehicle you were travelling

Our Car Accident Solicitor will can be a single point of contact throughout your claims process. We will deal with all of the contact with insurance companies and arrange everything for you. If you have any queries and find that you don’t fully understand what is happening with your own Accident Claim prescription drug neurontin 600 mg

I was involved in a hit and run accident can I still claim?

Yes, you can still proceed with a claim through the motor insurance bureau if you were involved in a Car Accident with an untraced (left the scene) or uninsured driver.

I was a passenger in a Car Accident but my driver was at fault. Can I still claim?

Yes. Claims made by passengers are normally very straightforward and almost always successful. A passenger is rarely to blame in any accident as they were not driving. If your driver was to blame for an accident you, and any other passenger, can claim against his or her policy of insurance. You claim against their insurance and their insurance company will pay your compensation if you are successful. buy gabapentin 600 mg
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